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Fitbook is a completely free service to help you find a health and fitness professional, We will never charge you for using our site.

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Every Fitbook member without exception, has passed a stringent vetting process. Their work is monitored by us throughout. We aim to only have the best standard of health and fitness professionals on our site.

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Using our search bar, simply choose a profession and input your location. This will bring you results of all the members from your criteria. Need something specific? Type exactly what you’re after. E.g Olympic lifting.

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All our members are asked to collect feedback for each and every job. This helps give you a great understanding of what work each professional does. These reviews are verified by our dedicated review team and published on their profiles.

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Our Partners

personal trainer company

Millennial Academy

Fitbook's official delivery partner. Millennial are helping with our mission of improving the standard of Personal Trainers in the U.K. Offering courses that include ongoing help and tuition post-qualifying.

Fitness brand selling protein products logo

Oatein specialise in creating healthy, high protein brownies, flapjacks, cookies. They are packed with an essential blend of proteins (including whey & soy) and slow release carbohydrates for all health conscious individuals. Available in a range of your favourite flavours.

sign company offering personal trainers with signs for business

Ellis Signs

Established in 1983, Ellis Signs is now an industry leader when it comes to the design, production & the installation of high-quality signs. They have many years of experience in the signage industry which makes sure their clients receive a top quality product and an industry best standard of service and care.

Nutrition company offering healthy meals for gym goers

Spoonhead Nutrition

Spoonhead Nutrition is a food company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, offering healthy, varied and affordable meals delivered to you twice a week.
With 40 years’ experience industry, they offer exceptional food to help you to meet your goals whether that's in the gym or leading a healthier lifestyle.

Our partner Smuggling duds' logo

Smuggling Duds

Smuggling Duds is a unique underwear brand with a US and EU Design Patented hidden pocket to keep your small valuables safe while travelling or just wanting to be vigilant. Sponsoring some of the biggest names in Sports and MMA they are definitely the underwear of choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

CBD company offering health and fitness oils

Love Hemp

Love Hemp offer high quality, award winning products to the market.
The brand has secured a number of notable listings with leading retailers and was flagged as an on-trend wellbeing brand to watch by national media including The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The Independent.

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