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Workout Programs You Haven’t Considered

Workout Programs You Haven’t Considered

You may be new to exercise and looking for something fun to try, or you may be tired of your basic gym routine and want to find a different challenge to try. Whatever your situation is, here are some unique workout programs to try that have great benefits to your body and mind.

Pole Dancing
Many people may not consider pole dancing when looking for new ways to workout. It takes an incredible amount of strength and practice, however for beginners it can be super fun and new skill to learn. The numerous physical, psychological, and emotional benefits that it can create has seen it to grow in popularity worldwide.

One of the main benefits these classes can achieve are increased flexibility, due to the amount of stretching and moves made on the pole greatly increases flexibility and core strength. In addition to this, it can improve cardiovascular endurance. The continuous amount of muscular strenuous activity made on the pole can improve cardio and circulation which in turn burns calories and helps to lose weight. Pole dancing also improves balance, endurance, and overall confidence. If you’re looking for a way to workout out but don’t enjoy the gym, pole dancing can be a great alternative for you. This can be achieved through 1-1 or group sessions that have multiple levels of fitness.

Tabata is a great program to add to your workout routine if you’re looking for something new and challenging to try. Tabata involves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with 4-minute exercises. Tabata training has been found to greatly benefit aerobic endurance including cardiovascular and the anaerobic endurance including muscle growth. In addition to this, it also has great benefits for fat burning due to its high intensity and also is great for time-saving as each workout only lasts 4 minutes, not including rest time. A circuit in Tabata consists of a continuous flow of movement (no stopping for a rest or drink) operating under the 20/10 rule. So, a circuit goes as follows:

o 20 seconds of exercise
o 10 seconds rest
o Repeated for 4 minutes of exercise

The timings must be remembered, and you must train at maximum effort. You can choose as many exercises as you want, some people go for 8 and others do as little as 4 its completely up to you.

Hotpod Yoga
Hotpod yoga is a chain of yoga studios that offer classes in a heated, inflatable pod set to 37 degrees. It is intended to be an immersive yoga experience that features a hot and humid class, allowing you to sweat more during the workout. The benefits of hot yoga include building endurance through stretching in the high temperature and improving breathing and stretching techniques. The temperature of the pod means you don’t need to spend as much time warming, due to your muscles being more limber in the heat. Hot pod yoga is a great way to relieve the stresses of everyday life and focus on the moment. All levels are welcomed and once the class is finished you feel refreshed and awakened, and the heat allows you to improve circulation and feel rested.

Unfortunately, Hotpod Yoga isn’t for everyone. If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, have a pre-existing heart condition, are pregnant or prone to adverse reactions to hot environments (dizziness, nausea, skin irritants), then you should seek medical advice before participating.

Pilates offers a variety of low-impact exercises that aims to strengthen muscles while improving flexibility and posture. Pilates moves tend to focus on the core, although the exercises work in other areas of your body. Pilates can be conducted with or without equipment, expect the moves to involve slow, precise movements and breath control. Pilates workouts are mostly mat-based and are often tailored to your fitness levels, this means they are suitable for both beginners and people that feel able to try more advanced moves. Pilates was initially referred to as ‘Contrology’ because every movement of the body must be applied with complete control. To achieve perfect control, you need to be fully conscious of the movements of your neuro-muscular junctions. Pilates helps to improve flexibility and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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By Ella Orrock