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Why Vetting is so Important in the Health and Fitness Industry

Why Vetting is so Important in the Health and Fitness Industry

Vetting is vitally important to ensure you can make the right choice of yourself for your children when selecting a health and fitness professional.

In this day and age, a lot of so called ‘professionals’ market themselves through various platforms but do NOT have the correct insurance, do NOT have the correct qualifications and therefore are a danger to any potential clients.

With The Fitbook’s vetting procedure all our members have to pass the following checks:

DBS Check
• Proof of Relevant Qualifications
• Correct Liability Insurance
• Certified Reviews
• Checks on Registered Address
• I.D Checks
• Checks on websites
• Checks on Social Media Channels
• Checks on previous trading conduct
• Agree and sign to abide by The Fitbook Core Values
• Work is monitored by The Fitbook Team throughout

Our vetting procedure enables us to safeguard you and any family members who use one of our Fitbook Certified Professionals.

Once a member has passed the vetting procedure, we will then verify each review received for the member. The best placed to monitor our members is you, the customer.
As a customer you should be asked to leave a review via the website or be handed a Fitbook feedback card. This allows you the opportunity to give comments and scores out of ten across different areas of their workmanship and service.

These reviews help other members of the public when looking for a professional and paints a fuller picture of said professional and the practice. Your feedback is the vital to The Fitbook – passing on word of mouth recommendations about the quality of health and fitness professionals.
It shouldn’t happen, but if feel you have been let down by a member of The Fitbook we will review any negative review and look to resolve any issues.

Also please be aware your contact details are NEVER published or distributed to Third Parties. Without a name, address and telephone number we cannot substantiate any claim or opinion about a professional, they are simply taken to verify the review.

Are you seeking to improve your lifestyle but need a helping hand? Find a vetted health and fitness professional  in your area today brought to you by Fitbook.

By Thomas Ryan