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Sun cream – Should i use it every day?

Sun cream – Should i use it every day?

Why should you wear sun cream every day?

Firstly, it’s boiling hot here in the UK, for a change! Most of you are applying your cream to protect your skin (I would hope), but do you know scientific studies recommend that sun cream should be applied daily all year round? It was news to me too, but here’s what I have since discovered….

Many people obviously associate this with summer to prevent sunburn. However, wearing sun cream should be an everyday practice regardless of the season and the weather. This is important to prevent a variety of dermatological and general health concerns for individuals of every age and every skin tone.

Sun exposure is important to support our body’s production of vitamin D and calcium absorption for our bone health. However, you do not require extended sun exposure to achieve those goals, and spending too long in the sun, especially without protection, can lead to a variety of medical issues. The sun can damage your skin due to ultraviolet or UV rays, and free radicals.

Therefore, wearing sun cream every day is vital to preserving your skin’s aesthetic qualities and health. Incorporating it into your daily skin care regimen can make a positive difference in both the short and long term.

When looking for a sun cream, you should check for the following properties:

  • Broad-spectrum
  • An SPF of at least 30
  • Water-resistant

Even during the winter or when the weather is cloudy or rainy, wearing sun cream helps protect your skin from the vast majority of sun rays that pass through, usually with a higher level of UV.

Sun cream

Sun Cream Protects Your Skin from Sunburn

Even spending less than 20 minutes in direct sunshine can result in sunburn. While your skin type and tone can affect your likelihood to get a sunburn, this inflammation is always possible and leads to painful redness and peeling that last several days. Repeated sunburn can lead to skin damage ranging from sunspots to skin cancer. Sun cream is vital to protect your skin from sunburn no matter how long you stay in the sun.

Sun Cream Reduces Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and unprotected sun exposure is a leading cause. This form of cancer can be very aggressive even for young people. Your skin is your largest organ and supports many essential bodily functions. Wearing this every day plays an active role in preventing skin cancer, especially as this practice offers cumulative protection.

Slows Down the Aging Process

Prolonged and/or unprotected sun exposure can accelerate the aging process and cause premature wrinkles and fine lines, especially on your face. Applying sun cream every day helps slow down the aging process because it helps preserve your body’s natural production of collagen and keeps your skin hydrated. It can also prevent sagging.

Preserves Your Skin Tone

Sun damage can often result in hyperpigmentation, including dark spots and blotchy skin. It can also worsen the look of freckles and acne scars. To maintain the quality of your facial features and overall skin appearance, wearing sun cream is key. Consistent use of sun cream whenever you go outside is important regardless of your skin tone but if you have hereditary skin discoloration or pre-existing spots.

Will you be incorporating this into your every day now?

Regardless, enjoy the sunshine while it’s here and stay safe!


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