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Kate Knowler Nutrition Ltd

London, UK

I specialise in restoring your optimal energy – naturally.  Are you tired of asking yourself “Why am I so tired?” Let me put on my detective hat and help you find the answer – whether

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Jenni Gordon Nutrition


Are digestive symptoms getting you down? Are you fed up with not looking and feeling your best? Do you want to loose weight and feel great? Are you a busy woman who puts her health

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Susan Mitchell


As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I am on a mission to support women to improve their hormonal health. I have had clients needing support with menopause, others struggling to lose weight or pre-diabetic, but my

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Nicolle Appleton

Bath and North East Somerset

Are you having difficulty concentrating?  Do you feel foggy-headed?  Are you becoming forgetful?  Have you been to your GP or memory clinic and been told that your problems with concentration are because of menopause, stress,

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