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Personal Trainer: Finding Someone Fully Qualified

Personal Trainer: Finding Someone Fully Qualified

There is a scary amount of horror stories told by people having a bad experience in gyms, especially when it comes to personal trainers. There can be a fine line found in the difference between a personal trainer and a salesperson, where the want for-profit outweighs the needs for high-quality personal training. Personal training is a profession that has the potential to help out a lot of people reach their fitness goals. There is a vast number of PTs who are trustworthy, with years of experience, and know the best ways to help people, truly caring about their health. However, there is undoubtedly a shocking number of trainers who are ruining the reputation of the industry, putting people in dangerous positions and health at risk.

Lack of Governing Body

One of the biggest factors causing a lack of qualified and credited personal trainers is the fact that a governing body in the industry seizes to exist. There are numerous personal trainer certificates, qualifications, and courses that can be obtained. However, unlike other areas such as a dietician or nutrition, who by law have to have degrees and qualifications. There are no laws that state personal trainers must have these qualifications. Have you ever asked a personal trainer to show you their certificates? The most likely answer is no. Although there are expectations in the industry, for example, to work in certain gyms people must have credible certifications, it’s important to always look out for anyone you may think is under-qualified.

Quality of Personal Trainer Certification

A further point to explain is that not all personal training qualifications are created equal. To find a well-qualified PT they must have a high-quality certificate that may have taken them months or even years to obtain if it is in the form of a degree. This includes countless exams and practical’s, that come with a high price and expected difficulty level. While on the other hand, some are so easy to obtain that it may just take a weekend and a laptop and suddenly their qualified. If you’re seeking a reputable trainer, look into the certification that the trainer holds. They must have at least a level 3 qualification that contains both written and practical exams. In general, the more challenging the exam is known to be, the more in-depth your trainer’s knowledge will be.

Lack of Qualification

One of the scariest statistics comes from the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. They state that around up to 45% of trainers who claim to be certified simply aren’t. Furthermore, continuing education is essential for any trainer to ensure their knowledge is refreshed, and on top of the latest research and trends. In addition to this, a countless number of trainers, work without ever qualifying, one giveaway from this is someone trading as a personal trainer rather than a certified personal trainer. Fitbook’s, directory tools can help you find a personal trainer who is in your area that is fully qualified and vetted.

Even after qualifying as a personal trainer, a certified trainer could still lack any experience in working with individuals. Worryingly, an uncertified trainer could potentially even have less experience. Possessing a personal trainer qualification doesn’t mean someone is a good trainer. It’s imperative that when choosing the right personal trainer for you, you do background research and identify how long they’ve been training and read any reviews available. All Fitbook members are expected to have quality reviews on our website which are all monitored by one of our account managers to ensure they are genuine.

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By Ella Orrock