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Perimenopause Program

Perimenopause Program

Perimenopause Program – Nikki Harris

My Perimenopause Programme is perfect for you if you are struggling day by day with unwanted symptoms – feeling tired, stubborn weight gain, hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, brain fog, night sweats, and low energy.



 Who is this programme for?

A 28-day whole body hormone reset specifically designed to balance hormones in women 40+ no matter whether you are perimenopausal, menopausal, or even post-menopausal. This programme enables you to feel great as you learn how to eat foods that nourish your body at your stage in life.

What is included?

4 specifically designed supplements to support hormone balance from leading UK supplement company Nutri Advanced.
Information pack including food plans, menu suggestions, protocols, goals review, and progress workbook. Worth over £100!

How does this programme work?

I take you over a 5-week journey back into balance, so you feel great and back in control of your hormones. The program is 5 weeks. The first week is created to help prepare and get started.
Receive valuable education on how you can support your body during this transition so you can feel confident about the food choices that you know are going to help you feel your best.
Learn how to apply lifestyle tips to relax, simple things you can do to support any stress and learn how to feel calm in quick easy steps.
Join me in a private Facebook group setting where I deliver weekly webinars and Q&A.
Clients are supported every step of the way and connect with other women experiencing similar symptoms in a safe space within the group. Enjoy a group setting where you can connect and support each other.

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How to join?

Feel free to visit my Fitbook Profile.
Also, find out more on
Come and join and take advantage of my early bird offer of £199, as this goes up on 20th June to £249!
Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to get back into balance this summer so you can really feel the difference and feel great.

What we will be covering:

Week 1. Introduction
Week 2. Blood sugar & weight management

Week 3. Stress & anxiety
Week 4. Sleep & rest
Week 5. Supporting female health & moving forward

Recent reviews have highlighted the benefits of this programme taken from Nutri Advanced website:
#1 – Taking part in the Perimenopause Programme as a practitioner has been life changing for me personally as it has relieved the symptoms I was having, hot flushes, joint pains and lack of sleep improved tenfold if not resolved whilst embarking on the programme and I felt a happiness I haven’t felt for a while, especially as I was about to go onto HRT! Moving forward I am really inspired to roll this programme out to clients with the knowledge it works and the support from Nutri Advanced. Its a win win! 
Sarah – Collected via Trustpilot
#2- Thanks for a great course. Before I started I was having hot flushes on numerous occasions daily/nightly. Since finishing the course I’ve not had any and it’s also helped me sleep at night. I feel so much better. 
Anon – Collected via Trustpilot
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