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Oprah Winfrey, Be Kind by Fitbook Member Danny Griffin

Oprah Winfrey, Be Kind by Fitbook Member Danny Griffin

No amount of money can transform your fitness journey if you haven’t got the right mindset.


There are no fast fixes,

no miracle products.


Unless you put in the effort required to succeed, nothing will work.


However, having the right support network can transform your journey.


But sometimes, we struggle against difficulties that we may not even realise are holding us back.


Let’s take a look at Oprah…


For many years, since before she started her show in 1980, she has struggled with her weight.


She has always been very open and honest about her battles with obesity and has broadcast her journey to her viewers multiple times over the years.


In fact, she once lost a fantastic 67lb and highlighted this by pulling a wagon to the show with 67lb of fat on board, to showcase just what a significant loss this way.

Oprah Wagon


Now, I know what you are thinking:


Oprah has plenty of money, she can afford to have:

– A private trainer

– Access to a gym or studio

– The best chefs

– The best nutritionists


She could easily use her money to access any of the resources that she might need, which aren’t always so readily available to everybody.


So why is is that she would struggle with losing weight, when she has all of that money?


What might be holding her back?




It has been well documented over the years that Oprah has unfortunately been the bearer of a lot of trauma.


She was abused repeatedly as a child and has struggled with her mental health over the years.


But how is this related to her weight loss?


It’s a defence mechanism.


How many times have you heard somebody say to a beautiful, yet significantly overweight woman, “you are so pretty, you’d look amazing if only you lost the extra weight.”


Many psychologists have discovered over the years that those who have been subjected to such emotional or physical abuse and trauma are more likely to reach out to food for two reasons:


1) Food is a source of comfort, hence the phrase ‘to eat your feelings’.

2) Making themselves overweight is a way of reducing how attractive they appear to predators, in the hopes that if they are less attractive then their chances of being assaulted will be reduced.


But you’ve got to understand that when this happens, it is NOT a conscious decision.


These women are likely to be the same people asking

‘but why can’t I lose the weight?’  as they jump from one fad diet to the next, seeking overnight weight loss results.


They’re not aware that the majority of their weight gain stems from their emotional issues.


Delving into the psychology behind these issues and helping women to tackle the root of their problem and improving their mental health,  will subsequently help them to unlock their true potential to become a fitter, healthier, stronger version of themselves.


Oprah is just one of the millions of women worldwide who suffer in a similar way,  whether they experienced childhood trauma, abusive adult relationships, or any other kind of troubles.


So, next time you see somebody who is struggling to lose weight, perhaps think twice before you judge them.


We never really know what somebody else has been through.


Be kind.



Danny Griffin is a Fitbook, fully qualified and insured personal trainer/Nutritionist based in Birmingham and online nationwide. Check out his profile here.