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Lean by Lauren

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 7 review(s)

I help males and females who live busy lifestyles drop body fat through lifting weights, whilst gaining strength and confidence. I am based at pure gym Sunderland and have been a qualified personal trainer for - View more information

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Dan Armstrong Personal Trainer

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 9.8 Based on 7 review(s)

Tailored personal training and nutrition advice designed to achieve all personal goals. Weight loss transformation Strength building Aerobic fitness Training to improve symptoms from certain medical conditions* All targets will be broken down into smaller - View more information

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Taylored Personal Training

South Yorkshire

Rating: 9.8 Based on 18 review(s)

Hi, I’m Adam, personal trainer, running coach and fitness enthusiast. Fell running is my favourite type of running as it just gives me a sense of freedom and clear headspace. I run for club Dark - View more information

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Paul Copeland Personal Trainer

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

Rating: 9.9 Based on 6 review(s)

Nutrition tailored to help you. Weight loss transformation specialist Learn how to train to achieve your goals. Build strength. Build muscle. - View more information

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Sunderland , Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 7 review(s)

Up for a new challenge, then look no further? Hi my name is Kierran Carter. I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach based in Sunderland at Pure Gym Sunderland. 1:1 Personal Trainer, I specialise - View more information

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Oliver Brown Personal Training


Rating: 9.9 Based on 20 review(s)

Hello, I’m Oliver Brown and I’m a Personal Trainer based in Crewe. To me, hiring a Personal Trainer is less like a CV where you can read about the person and select the right person - View more information

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FMS Transformation

Roker, Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 8 review(s)

My name is Adam Gittings and I am a personal trainer at Puregym Sunderland who can help you to improve your confidence and body image through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been in your - View more information

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Conor Malone Personal Trainer

South Lanarkshire

Rating: 10.0 Based on 12 review(s)

I make it simple for both men and women to lose weight and enjoy exercise. My aim is to provide the most beneficial and enjoyable service for my clients which develops adherable results for better - View more information

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Alexander Parr

Tyne & Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 4 review(s)

In my 6 years working in the industry I have developed a well rounded system to health and fitness, aiming to work closely with my clients to improve, not only overall body composition, but mindset - View more information

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NH Lifestyle Fitness

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 9 review(s)

Nathan Honess is a highly-respected fitness professional originally from Portsmouth, who now resides in Newcastle with his partner Sarah. With over fifteen years’ experience in helping people improve their health and wellbeing, his varied career - View more information

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Levi Lifts

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 9.7 Based on 7 review(s)

Levi Burlinson PT Sunderland Based Personal Trainer @puregymsunderland  Are you struggling with motivation? Got a goal in mind but not sure how to achieve it? Lacking self confidence or maybe you just want to learn - View more information

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Steve Dougherty Personal Training

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 9.9 Based on 12 review(s)

Steve Dougherty Personal Training I became a PT almost 3 years ago after becoming unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. After starting my own fitness journey and losing around 40 lbs, I decided - View more information

07878 345953
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Shane Rabbitte


Rating: 0.0 Based on 0 review(s)

About Shane Rabbitte - View more information

07449 511 304
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Marriam Alsayegh


Rating: 0.0 Based on 0 review(s)

Hey there, if you have come across my profile first thing to notice is I am a female only Personal Trainer. I am mum to a 4 year old, I have plant based for over - View more information

07946 655 558
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Aleksandra Adamczyk


Rating: 0.0 Based on 0 review(s)

About Aleksandra Adamczyk - View more information

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James Kelly


Rating: 0.0 Based on 0 review(s)

About James Kelly - View more information

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