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The Kaizen Movement


Rating: 10.0 Based on 16 review(s)

We are young, ambitious & passionate Personal Trainers & Certified nutritionists who have helped hundreds of people between us. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which translates to ‘Constant Improvement’. And we believe the best way - View more information

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Bedminster, County of Avon

Rating: 10.0 Based on 1 review(s)

I would like to tell you my story, starting from my poor life choices, my unhealthy lifestyle, being unfit and overweight, and overcoming a stroke to how I got into fitness and personal training, but - View more information

07741 259 237
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Fabio Pozzetto


Rating: 9.9 Based on 13 review(s)

Fabio Pozzetto Personal Trainer - View more information

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The Gym Game

West Yorkshire

Rating: 10.0 Based on 1 review(s)

Hi there! Firstly thank you for taking the time to find out more about me . My goal as a professional fitness trainer is to provide people a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that suits their - View more information

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Steve Gregson

Preston, Lancashire

Rating: 9.9 Based on 2 review(s)

Although I have only recently joined the fitness industry I have spent my working life in a career that has always demanded a high level of fitness and good health.  I know and understand how - View more information

07876 587 481
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Adam Crosby


Rating: 9.9 Based on 12 review(s)

Hi I’m Adam I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since 2006 starting with training football teams, progressing to training boxers, hosting bootcamps to finally training clients. My passion lies in getting people to reach - View more information

07837 707 628
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Anastasia Cristian


Rating: 10.0 Based on 1 review(s)

Anastasia has successfully helped many clients achieve their unique health/fitness goals. She has helped many to maintain strong motivational focus throughout the course on their challenges as well as successfully reach the finishing line quicker - View more information

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Jarrod Bell

Canvey Island, Essex

Rating: 9.9 Based on 6 review(s)

Specialities: Weight Loss Lean Muscle Gain Strength Training Fat Reduction Nutritional Advice & Guidelines I am a level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and am also qualified to take on small group training of 3-6 people - View more information

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Fundamental Fitness Academy Ltd


Rating: 10.0 Based on 10 review(s)

Hey! My name is Harri, I’m 25 & have been a coach for 2 years after studying Biomed at Uni & then moving to Dubai for 3 years… I’m now coaching in some incredible gyms - View more information

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Steven Purdie PT


Rating: 10.0 Based on 18 review(s)

About Steven Purdie - View more information

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Wilson & Co

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 10 review(s)

Anthony is a personal trainer who specialises in body recomposition transformations. Anthony has worked with some of Australia’s elite corporate and business minds and knows what it takes to transform very busy individuals who are - View more information

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NH Fitness


Rating: 10.0 Based on 10 review(s)

Coaching with compassion, always. I believe that all women deserve to feel strong, confident and happy. I help them do that through a coaching style that doesn’t involve restriction, over-dieting or hours on the treadmill. - View more information

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HS Fitness Academy


Rating: 10.0 Based on 7 review(s)

Hello, I’m Hannah and I work at Pure Gym Skydome in Coventry. I believe exercise is important, not only for your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellness. With the everyday pressures of life that - View more information

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Mark Mcewan PT

Newcraighall Road, Midlothian

Rating: 10.0 Based on 9 review(s)

Hello, I’m Mark McEwan and i am a Personal Trainer. I have been training people since 2011, and in this time I have worked in various clubs as a Personal Trainer and also Club Manager. - View more information

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Versatility Fitness

Tyne and Wear

Rating: 10.0 Based on 3 review(s)

Hello! I’m Raimond Udovenko, and I am the man behind Versatility Fitness. Are you looking to: Loose weight? Gain Muscle? Eat chocolate while achieving the body you want? I’m here to help you do just - View more information

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MA Fitness

West Yorkshire

Rating: 10.0 Based on 5 review(s)

                    . - View more information

07464 596917
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