I find it incredibly difficult to write an “about you” section.

Should it be my qualifications, what I’ve done in the past, why I got into fitness, why I became a PT.

All great ways to talk about me but that’s not what personal training is.

Personal training is about YOU.

Understanding what you’re going through, where you currently are and where you want to be.

So if you’ve ever…

– Tried hundreds of diets in the past only to end up right back where you started

– Suffered from not having enough time or other things like kids or work distract you from looking after yourself

– Feel like you’re the odd one out in your group of friends

– Just wear black to not show off the shape of your body

– Felt lost in the gym because it’s intimidating and you don’t know what to do

– Been good Monday to Friday but undo it all on the weekend

– Or you don’t like the reflection you see in the mirror

If you’ve ever experienced some or all of the above then I want to help you.

Because I’ve been there. Not happy with the way I look, hated what I saw in the mirror and needed to change.

My passion is to help those who don’t have a clue with what they’re doing and guide you to results that not only show but last.

Everything will be tailored to you and I will give you all the support, accountability and motivation you need to succeed.

No restrictive diet, cutting your favourite foods, or doing cardio 7 times a week.

You’ll enjoy your training, have a method to manage what you eat that suits you while still allowing for that glass of wine you have with dinner, be held accountable to yourself, and get the results you want while learning how to make them stick.

Thing is, I know personal training isn’t forever, but I want you to leave me in a better place than when you began.

So if you’re ready to finally stop saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” when it comes to looking after yourself this is what you can do;

– Click the web link, head to enquire, fill out the form and book a call with me

– Drop me an email or text

– Head over to either my Facebook or Instagram page and message me through there

All the links are below so how about we get started?

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