Hi, I’m Adam, personal trainer, running coach and fitness enthusiast. Fell running is my favourite type of running as it just gives me a sense of freedom and clear headspace. I run for club Dark Peak Fell runners, a local Sheffield club. I also enjoy strength and conditioning exercises as this has a huge positive impact to my running performance. I’ve run for my home county on five separate occasions at the annual inter-counties fell race. I graduated in 2004 and hold a degree in Sports Science & Management. More recently I trained as a personal trainer and endurance running coach. I’m currently studding for my level 4 S&C qualification.

I’ve been helping runners and tri-athletes for 8 years improve their running performance and reduce the risk of runner’s injuries. Whether your training for a fast 5k, 10k or stepping up the distance to a half marathon, marathon or ultra, I can help you.

I’m not the shouty type of PT you may see in the park barking instructions at people. That’s not my style! I encourage, motivate and coach my clients with the knowledge I have learned.

I’m looking to help runners & tri-athletes get better at running whilst reducing the risk of getting runner’s injuries. I’m currently working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis including social distancing, however I’m happy to train you remotely should you not wish 1-2-1 contact.

I’m also looking to work with large companies that look after their employees through good health and well-being packages. I currently offer onsite or remote workplace fitness classes. I’m currently working with Aviva in Sheffield and help the staff keep fit through my bi-weekly HIIT class. I usually go on site for this but during the COVID-19 pandemic I’m working remotely via zoom or webex with Aviva.



By contacting me today to see how I can help you.

Below is a list of my services:

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training (running with clients, strength / conditioning, assessments, nutritional advice, training plans)
  • Online / remote PT (Zoom, webex for strength / conditioning, HIIT, circuits. Training plans and nutritional advice)
  • Workplace fitness classes (Onsite fitness class or online class HIIT or circuits)
  • Outdoor Fitness classes (Mixture of HIIT and strength & conditioning)


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