My mission is to help women, mothers to build up their confidence, increase their self-esteem and be able to lead a much happier and healthier lifestyle. When they look into that mirror they can see that wonderful, strong and confident person whom they really are.

I’m a highly motivated, passionate and professional trainer who transformed herself from a ‘floppy mummy’ (size 12) to a ‘yummy mummy’ (size 8).

I specialise in Pregnancy / Postnatal fitness and education and Weight-loss.

As a mum I know that pregnancy is a very precious time in a woman’s life and all we want to do is to protect that tiny life we are nurturing in our tummy. Keeping fit during pregnancy has plenty benefits for mothers just as well as for babies. As pregnancy progresses as the fear and anxiety of birth grows. My sessions also include birthing positions, breathing and relaxation techniques with affirmation to empower mums for a more relaxed birth. Research shows that mothers who exercise during pregnancy have an easier, calmer birth and a more positive experience, also their recovery is smoother and faster.

The aim of Postnatal fitness is to help new mothers to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. Transition into motherhood, sleep deprivation and the possible few leftover kilos don’t help much,  but spending an hour with yourself, taking care of yourself can make an enormous difference in your physical and mental health. My sessions are made especially for your needs to make you feel that you are IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE and HAPPINESS.

A very dear client of mine said to me after she lost 20kg “You changed my life” after 30kg “You increased my confidence tremendously”. I must say, it was lovely to hear such a praise and appreciation but I’m afraid I cannot take the credit for it because it WASN’T ME, it was HER all along. SHE was the one who worked hard, SHE was the one who changed her mindset. SHE alone was responsible for the changes in Her life what led to her amazing results I just supported her to the best of my knowledge. Do you want to be my next SUPER STAR?

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