Heya I’m Dan,

I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer that has trained hundreds of clients over the last 8 years helping people achieve some incredible results along the journey. More importantly,  I’ve helped even more people to change their attitude and perception of the health and fitness world and they now have the tools to conquer it and not need to ever rely on a trainer again.

Through the right exercise & nutritional programming, the guidance from myself on your NEAT, exercise and lifestyle we can smash whatever goal you need my assistance with.

Fitness Journeys and body transformations take some time and patience and I can totally relate to that having left university looking like a walking skeleton. It took years to build adequate muscle around my body where I was content and happy with myself –  this then lead me into personal training and 8 years later to where I am now.

I am really  grateful for the opportunity to click and work so closely with so many different people, it really does make for one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Ive done nothing but personal training since I left Brighton University and I cant see myself doing anything else EVER!

Over the last two years I started an app to help me online coach/personal train even more people out there that needed simple, realistic guidance. If its just a little nudge in the right direction with some guidance then this is a perfect way for us to work together. Nutritional and exercise programmes provided with in app communication/checklists and everything you need along with a weekly FaceTime check in with me.

There are certain tools to the process and so far I’ve been using the right ones for myself and many clients in order for the results to be achieved. I look forward to working alongside you and bringing these tools into your everyday life.

I Offer a range of services below to help you reach your full potential and smash whatever goals you set:

  • Facetime/ Outdoor 1-1 Personal Training
  • Group Zoom Classes/ Personal Training
  • Online Coaching through my App
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