Are my personal details put online when leaving a review about a members' services?

No, never. All questions asked to customers who are leaving reviews are strictly for Fitbook use and this information is classed as sensitive data. It will never be sold to 3rd parties or used in any publications from Fitbook.
We simply need the necessary information in order to prove the validity of the review.

How do you vet your members?

All our members have passed a stringent vetting process which involves over 10 checks.

All applicants are screened and told that they will be interviewed by us, vetted and monitored. We ensure that the professionals know that we are a consumer information service and that we always remain unbiased.

Fitbook staff assess the applicants suitability and will then arrange an interview.
In order to pass our vetting process, all professionals must:

Have Correct Qualifications - we require proof that the applicant is qualified to undertake their chosen profession (Personal Trainer).

Hold Insurance - we request proof that they hold the relevant Insurance needed.

Proof of address - we require proof of the professionals address in the form of a utility bill, dependant on the type of professional.

Proof of I.D - We require photo identification (passport, driver’s licence).

Reviews - We recommend that all new members supply at least 4 of their previous clients which we personally telephone to find out about their experience.

Core Values - we require the applicant to sign to agree to follow conduct in line with Fitbook core values.

In addition we look at length of experience and the professionals history as well as VAT and company legal status.

Do I have to pay for your service?

No. For customers visiting the site, Fitbook is a free service and always will be.
All our members' information is detailed within their member profiles where you can call, e-mail, message, or request a callback.

What if a Fitbook member does a poor job?

Negative feedback from customers towards our members is fully investigated by a member of our vetting department.
Negative feedback (An overall score of 5 or less) is investigated before published.
If evidence comes to light that a member of Fitbook has been involved in any major malpractice they can be ejected from the site.

Do you remove unsatisfactory members?

Yes. If a member doesn't consistently uphold the Fitbook Core values when conducting themselves.
They can be ejected from the site following questions from our team and relevant investigations.

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