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Finding an Online Trainer during COVID-19

Finding an Online Trainer during COVID-19

Well, the coaching format has very recently been given a shake up in a big way. This has forced clients to change their usual training schedule with their coach/s. Also, people now self-isolating and searching for a form of exercise are now looking at finding an online trainer to help with their home workouts.

Home workouts can still be effective and offer a range of benefits especially during this pandemic period.

There are also sadly restrictions that come along with this situation, most people will have a lack of real space and or/equipment which can increase risk of injury or incorrect practise. People may have trained for years in a gym environment but never in a home setting.

What’s best to do?

Well, firstly if you are looking at finding an online trainer of some sort make sure you are aware that most traditional coaches and PT’s are switching to an online platform to continue to work with existing and new clients.

This unique situation also opens the door for rogue trade in that some online coaches may have little or no qualifications or experience. Stay clear of these people claiming they are an online coach or trainer but have no previous show of work.

When you invest in a coach of any sort you are trading money for expertise. Home workouts arguably have a higher risk of injury due to the remote nature of the practise. You will not receive the same level of attention and amendment to your capabilities as you would in person with the same coach.

The mess with the industry lies in the fact that, incredibly there is ZERO qualification or certification needed to be an ‘online coach’, so anyone can be one. The difference is having the understanding that you should always invest in a professional with some sort of relevant qualification and experience.

The minimum we would recommend for this is the level 3 personal training qualification. At Fitbook we will never accept any professional in that trade without at least this criteria and insurance to match.

Remember, always ask which qualifications an online trainer has PRIOR to enrolling or paying for some form of training and always ask for proof in advance.

If you are worried about anything else relating to Covid-19 visit for more information.

Stay Safe.

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By Thomas Hackett