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Apple Cider Vinegar- What You Need to Know

Apple Cider Vinegar- What You Need to Know

In recent years, apple cider vinegar has been advertised within the health and fitness industry as “the next big thing” in regard to weight loss. Although little know the mechanics of this product, its true purpose and uses, as well as potential risks to health if consumed carelessly.

As labelled, apple cider vinegar is primarily apple juice, however when yeast is added, the sugar is fermented into alcohol. It acquires its “vinegar” like taste and smell from the bacteria in the alcohol converting into acetic acid.

After having gained its reputation as an irrefutable home remedy, with claims it can assist with conditions such as varicose veins and a sore throat etc, however there is little to no scientific research to support these statements.


Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Now in regard to considering this product as a weight loss aid, there is little evidence to suggest this however, considering the bacteria found in apple cider vinegar is a form of probiotic, this may in turn improve digestion and reduce gastrointestinal stress.

Improved digestion will be an imperative tool in anyone’s weight loss arsenal, the reduction of GI stress will in turn reflect positively on the assimilative process of the body and in turn optimize nutrient uptake.

This product also has natural laxative properties due to the product containing a form of soluble fire called pectin, typically found in the skin of the apple however filtering through during the fermentation process. The laxative properties of this product may in turn aid in the reduction of bloating/ constipation although the degree to which this applicable is questionable.


Risk factors

Like all products, the use of apple cider vinegar comes with its own set of risk factors.

Due to the exceptionally high acidity of this product it should be taken in doses of no more than 1-2 teaspoons per day mixed with water or another neutral PH liquid. If taken frivolously the acid in this product can lead to several health complications such as:

  • The damage of tooth enamel
  • Possible reductions in potassium levels
  • Due to its laxative properties it may impede the effectiveness of certain drugs and medications, due to the increase in gastric emptying rate, these drugs may not have time to be fully digested.



In conclusion I feel that apple cider vinegar is not an essential product, as research has shown it to have a higher risk to health than overall reward. Alternatively I feel it would be best to invest in a good probiotic supplement as this will give you heightened benefit as opposed to miniscule probiotic properties.


By Tireoghain O’Neill


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