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A Need for Change in the Health and Fitness Industry?

A Need for Change in the Health and Fitness Industry?

The health and fitness industry has been around for an extremely long time, with some predictions starting from as early as the 1700’s. Like many industries, over time it evolves and transforms; constantly developing its products and processes. However, unlike other industries that have vastly improved, there is a need for change with the processes involved. Take for example the healthcare industry, in just 100 years there have been major discoveries and advancements that people are now living longer, and overcoming illnesses faster.

So what about the fitness industry? Despite having progress; there has been little development in the overall safeguarding and protection of everyone involved. Currently, the industries popularity is greatly increasing with now 1 in 7 people in the UK owning a gym membership. This is why the need for change is now at an imperative time to put in place the right processes to protect professionals and their clients.

Fitbook is the UK’s first online directory, offering a platform to connect the UK with monitored and vetted health and fitness professionals. So what does this mean? Every single one of our members have passed a series of processes in order to have a profile on our site; including checks on DBS, insurance, qualifications and overall ability to carry out their role safely and protect the welfare of their clients.

It was created by personal trainers who had seen first hand the amount of under qualified ‘professionals’ working in the industry. The freighting truth is that there is little to no regulation on this. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association claim that 45% of trainers who claim to have the correct certifications don’t.

Along with scrutinised checks and assessments, Fitbook professionals feature reviews and ratings on their profiles. This means that you can learn from others who have worked with them whether they meet your requirements.

Are you seeking to improve your lifestyle but need a helping hand? Find a vetted health and fitness professional  in your area today brought to you by The Fitbook.

By Ella Orrock