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100 Things to Do as a PT or Health Professional in Lockdown 3.0

100 Things to Do as a PT or Health Professional in Lockdown 3.0

If you’re a PT or health professional and have found yourself with a lot more free time now that gyms have closed. Or maybe your still working flat out but you’re wanting to spend more of this time working on yourself and your business. Fitbook have compiled 100 things you could do during lockdown 3.0:

  1. Take an online class (Google Digital Garage is a great free course provider)
  2. Get video testimonials from clients
  3. Create an email signature (Free Email Signature Template Generator by HubSpot)
  4. Read a new book
  5. Work on your sales pitch
  6. Sign up to Mailchimp and send informative emails
  7. Perfect your answer phone message
  8. Work on your brand (Colours, fonts, images) use these throughout your business.
  9. Create Instagram live workouts, educational tips etc.
  10. Create free E-documents for your clients
  11. Learn new recipes that you can share with clients
  12. Follow other PT’s or health professionals on Instagram (Healthy competition)
  13. Plan social media posts in advance (App suggestion: Impreview)
  14. Stay connected with your clients
  15. Work on your Instagram layout
  16. Learn how to Meal Prep
  17. Create a booking system ( – Free Appointment Scheduling Software)
  18. Start a virtual book club with your clients
  19. Start a podcast
  20. Promote yourself in a local newspaper
  21. Identify your niche
  22. Organise your work schedule
  23. Create interesting social media posts using Canva/Adobe
  24. Promotional offers (discount, refer a friend, bogof)
  25. Work on those Instagram highlights (FAQ’s, Offers, Transformations, Tips, Pricing)
  26. Organise your calendar
  27. Create a lead generation funnel (Taster sessions, 5-day guide, free consultation)
  28. Try Wim Hof’s breathing exercises (The Benefits of Breathing Exercises | Wim Hof Method)
  29. Get reviews from all your clients (past and current)
  30. Organise an outdoor social distanced Bootcamp session
  31. Delve into Articles on Google Scholar
  32. Plan for your business after lockdown
  33. Keep posting on your business social media pages
  34. Form partnerships with small local businesses
  35. Write a journal
  36. Watch online seminars (Online Seminar Events | Eventbrite)
  37. Start a blog
  38. Start online coaching
  39. Learn about a new sport
  40. Try Fartlek
  41. Create a new Instagram dedicated to something you love
  42. Explore new areas of your town
  43. Take up Yoga (YouTube is great for free classes)
  44. Improve your flexibility
  45. Binge a new series on Netflix
  46. Start painting
  47. Watch documentaries
  48. Plan a zoom event (motivation, education, discussions)
  49. Offer to write for a company (i.e Future Fit Training Guidelines for submitting a guest post | Future Fit Training)
  50. Create a business logo
  51. Register to be a blood donor
  52. Sell unwanted clothes on eBay
  53. Take an online dance class
  54. Learn how to do a handstand
  55. Create marketing materials (Business cards, leaflets etc.)
  56. List 10 goals for 2021
  57. Learn to do the splits
  58. Write an E-book
  59. Create an exercise challenge for charity
  60. Create and make videos on TikTok (fitness, comedy, cooking)
  61. Eat fewer takeaways
  62. Try being vegan
  63. Sort out that drawer in your house…
  64. Rearrange your house to fit feng shui
  65. Try intermittent fasting
  66. Listen to TED Talks
  67. Finish your shower with 30 seconds of cold water
  68. Just relax
  69. Create a new workout plan for when the gyms re-open
  70. Take an IQ test
  71. Learn a new language (Duolingo)
  72. Take online quiz’s
  73. Take a virtual museum tour (Check Out These Amazing Virtual Museum Tours (
  74. Learn magic tricks
  75. Unsubscribe from annoying emails
  76. Take images to promote your business
  77. Learn 100 life hacks (100 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier)
  78. Go hiking
  79. Sign up for a marathon
  80. Drink 2-3 litres of water every day
  81. Manage your finances
  82. Listen to podcasts
  83. Improve your posture
  84. Write a bucket list
  85. Try going plastic-free
  86. Organise your computer
  87. Reduce your time scrolling on social media
  88. Invest in a weighted blanket
  89. Grow herbs from seeds
  90. Attend an online event you find interesting (Online Events in the UK and Ireland | Eventbrite)
  91. Create Pinterest boards
  92. Try a new diet
  93. Run 1k every day
  94. Work on your weaknesses
  95. step inside the Houses of Parliament
  96. Check out this virtual tour of Buckingham Palace 
  97. Say hi to the Meerkats at Paignton Zoo 
  98. Many more virtual tours here 
  99. Try a 1000-piece puzzle
  100. See what Fitbook can offer your business during lockdown 3.0 here.


By Ella Orrock